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Pedestrian accidents

Understanding the Alarming Rise in Pedestrian Deaths

In recent years, the United States has experienced a troubling surge in pedestrian deaths, reaching the highest numbers in over four decades. This rise, as revealed by the GHSA Report, is attributed to a combination of dangerous driving habits, insufficient infrastructure, and the increasing prevalence of larger vehicles like SUVs. The statistics are alarming, with 7,508 pedestrian deaths recorded in 2022 alone, emphasizing the need for urgent attention to enhance pedestrian safety trends.

Factors Contributing to the Crisis

1. Dangerous Driving Habits

Dangerous driving behaviors, such as speeding, impaired driving, and distracted driving, have significantly contributed to the rise in pedestrian deaths. The GHSA report highlights the need for targeted traffic enforcement to curb these behaviors and enhance road safety.

2. Insufficient Infrastructure

The absence of sidewalks continues to be a significant factor in pedestrian fatalities, with 69% of deaths occurring in areas without sidewalks in 2021. Improved road infrastructure, including the construction of sidewalks, is crucial to ensuring the safety of pedestrians.

3. Larger Vehicles Pose Greater Risks

SUVs and light trucks, due to their taller profiles and bigger blind spots, pose a greater risk to pedestrians on a per-vehicle basis. While fatal pedestrian crashes involving passenger cars remain high in number, the increase in deaths involving SUVs has been alarming, rising by 120% compared to 26% for passenger cars in the past decade.

Navigating Legal Challenges

Pedestrian Accident Claims

Claims involving pedestrian accidents can be complex. Insurance companies often employ tactics to downplay or deny these claims, challenging fault, disputing injury severity, and using delay tactics. Victims of pedestrian accidents must seek legal representation to protect their rights and pursue the maximum compensation they are entitled to under the law.

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